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Your Home Should be Revered by House Buyers |

Your Home Should be Revered by House Buyers

paul revere ride house buyers

On the eve of April 18th, 1775 two men set out on, what would become, a historical journey. Both men had great intentions and failure was not an option. One was better prepared than the other and thus history remembers him best.

William Dawes mounted his steed and rode into the night, combing the countryside, warning everyone he came upon that the battle was at hand and they should prepare. The second man did the same but was armed with a well thought out plan.

Prior to that eve, he mapped out a route that would lead him to the most influential people throughout the town. He knew that having the right network of affluent and eager souls would give his home a better chance of survival and freedom. He was a networker.

The second man’s plan was precise and he reached the town first, alerted the townspeople of Lexington, Massachusetts and the legend of Paul Revere was born.

His counterpart and countryman, William Dawes, is not more than a sidelight to the brave tale. Even though both men did their job and alerted the people so they were prepared to face the battle, only Paul Revere was memorialized. Why, and what does it have to do with selling homes in Berks County, Pennsylvania?

When a Realtor® is invited to interview for a home listing the task is the same… Sell the home to prospective house buyers.

The customer wants to know how and this is where it pays to have a plan and be connected.

Almost all real estate agents in Reading, PA and all around Berks use the Trend Multi-list to market homes for sale. Years ago, this was considered one of the highest forms of marketing Realtors® had and one of the biggest reasons sellers would pay for and work with an agent. It is my humble, and educated opinion that the MLS is no longer at the top of the marketing and networking food chain but closer to the middle.

With the advent of syndication and reciprocity we now have,,, Broker company websites and all kinds of knockoffs all looking to help real estate agents find the right path and amicable network. Obviously, this comes at an expense to the agent in the form of dollars and to the prospective home buyers in the form of home information accuracy.

When I list a home I first consider who the buyer might be. This is known as data mining, which helps me devise a plan, a map of sorts. Next, I need to reach the masses with the message. Instead of the message being awake, bear arms and defend our freedom, it is more like, and here is a home that will suit your needs.

Beyond the MLS, syndicators, reciprocity and the like there is social media. Here lies many of the communicators and networkers we need to spread the word. They like things such as good content, accurate information and great home photos.


Not Sure History Could Have Handled This.
I Cannot Even Ride A Horse.

When called upon by willing Berks County and Reading, PA home sellers, I eagerly mount my steed (known as the bucket truck), grab my digital architectural photography gear and get to work mapping out a plan. I will reach the masses and have them revere your Berks County home by contacting the right network of people all over the world. The digital footprint of the seller’s home will be large enough for all to see and the day will be won!

Sorry for the dramatics. I got a bit carried away there. As much as we enjoy Berks County we also understand that it is, kind of, off the beaten big city trail. It is part of what makes this area rich in tradition and family. It also makes home more difficult to find by chance. You need a Realtor® that has things mapped out, networks well and rides true.

History tells of the heroics of one Paul revere. He is and his legend are lucky I was not on the other horse or things might have been different.

Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue