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Simple Touches Lead to a Successful Berks County Home Sale

When selling a Berks County home, buyers consider the look of a home to be the most important factor.  If the home is on a high traffic road or your furnace is loud, sound is quickly addressed.  Odors are hard to ignore.  But…..the sense of touch?  As a Berks County Home Seller, you may not want buyers touching things.  The truth is, they do and that can be a great thing!

Consider your favorite sweater.  Did you only look at it, or did you touch it, even try it on?  New linens, the handle on the dishwasher, the knobs you chose for your kitchen cabinets.  When a person touches something, they are making a stronger connection.  They are now beyond window shopping.  As a Home Seller, you want the buyer to make a connection with your home.

Outside, reseed grass in bare areas and maintain your lawn. The grass will keep dirt from being brought into the home.  Having it cut to a proper height will keep annoying pests down (who likes gnats?) and feel nice under the feet.  Storm door and entry door hardware should be functional.  Tighten loose handles, oil sticky knobs and replace locks that are not working.  An agent showing the home will not have a great impression if getting into the home is a struggle.  Having a handle wriggle or come off a door is not a secure feeling, physically or emotionally.  And the door…does it feel heavy or flimsy?  Again, we experience both a physical and emotional sense of security.

In the world of home selling, Kitchens are a major consideration when purchasing a Berks County Home, it is often referred to as the heart of the home.  Every important minutia must be handled in home staging, which includes texture in a kitchen.  Because this is the preparation area for food, hygiene is an important factor.  Smooth surfaces mean they can be cleaned and will not harbor germs.  Home Buyers often take their hand across surfaces such as the granite counter tops.  Wipe down surfaces so your son’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich creation earlier is not what the prospective Home Buyer connects with and feels.  The sense of a dirty home is easily translated to an ill cared for home that is poorly maintained.

Berks County Homeowners can easily and inexpensively update cabinets by changing out the knobs to a current style.  As Home Buyers open cabinets to check for how much room is inside, they will feel cracked wood handles which can give away wear and age of your cabinets. Older individuals or those with arthritis and other debilitating illnesses will feel how easy or difficult it is to open cabinets. And again, keep them clean!  Less intricate designs will take more effort to keep clean.  Heavier knobs and handles will convey a feeling of durability and quality.  And lastly, don’t forget the floor.  Dirt and food can collect in cracks in the floor tile.  Laminate floors that have a build-up of dirt can feel like a movie theater, (you know, when your feet stick to the floor).

The condition of padding and peel of carpet in the home will tell Home Buyers and Agents whether a room is clean, quiet and/or kid-friendly.  Carpet in bedrooms should feel soft and clean.  A child of a prospective Home Buyer will find those crumbs and dirt on the carpet.  If the padding is in bad condition, it will not feel soft or cushiony under their feet.  A woman’s heels can locate missing and cracked tiles.  Buyers will feel hardwood floors for scratches.  Be sure to get down and feel your hardwood floors so they can be repaired or refinished prior to showings.

Water infiltration problems are always an issue in the mind of a Home Buyer.  If you have water leaks that have been corrected, be sure to finish repairing any damage that may have been caused.  Different paint colors, Spackle marks that have not been sanded and finished, and wood with stains will undoubtedly lead to Home Buyers touching the surfaces to check for moisture and ask more questions.  Older Berks County Homes may come with Lead Paint risks.  Home Buyers will often feel where paint does not appear to be smooth.  If the paint feels uneven or chipped, this could be enough of a deterrent to not make an offer or request more inspections. Trim work, when felt will tell you the quality of the gradient, and when the trim is intricate, it is perceived to be of higher quality.  Ceilings which are textured are outdated and often are perceived to be a cover up for other problems such as cracks.  Even if not literally felt, Home Buyers often prefer smooth ceilings.

Remember, there does not have to be a problem with something in a Home during a showing that turns away a Home Buyer. Just the perception of an issue could be enough to do that. Maybe it is just a matter of how a Berks County Home Buyer FEELS about a particular Home that will make the difference.

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