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Kutztown School District

Kutztown School District

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Berks County is home to many charming towns, boroughs, townships, and cities. One such borough is Kutztown, a suburb of two thriving cities located to the southwest of Allentown, PA and to the northeast of the county seat of Reading, PA.

In 1779, George Kutz laid down his plans for this historic borough, and the settlers flocked to the area in the following years. Most of the settlers were German, but the population has since diversified. In fact, Kutztown is the second oldest borough in Berks county, following the county seat, Reading, PA. Kutztown, PA is in the heart of quaint and picturesque Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

The Kutztown School District is a school district that belongs to Kutztown Borough and includes Maxatawny Township, Greenwhich Township, Albany Township, and Lenhartsville. The district holds the zip codes 19530, 19534, 19529. The school system in Kutztown is of the highest quality, which attracts many families and parents with children to the area. Homes in Kutztown and homes in Maxatawny represent the ideal of Pennsylvania living, with a quiet, suburban feel in close proximity to several thriving American cities.

Real estate in the Kutztown School District truly has something for everyone. From luxurious single-family homes to split-level houses and historical apartments, there are attractive and well-priced Kutztown homes for sale for every buyer. A realtor in Kutztown Borough will be able to help you find the perfect home for you and your family. The borough features numerous attractions, including a delightful downtown, a strong and diverse economy, and a university (Kutztown University). Kutztown is also home to the famous Crystal Cave discovered in 1871. The cave has unique rock formations that date back half a million years. If you are looking for a home in a cozy Pennsylvania setting with easy access to major cities, a fantastic school system, and a wide selection of real estate options, you should consider Kutztown!

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