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Home is Where the Heart is ~ Giving Thanks : Jeffrey Hogue Realtor

Home is Where the Heart is ~ Giving Thanks

Home-is-Where-the-Heart-isThe term “Home is Where the Heart is” can be interpreted in two different ways. Firstly, it can mean that wherever our loved ones are, that is our home and Secondly, it says our family home is the focus of our love or heart. In either case, the proverb very much reflects our love and thankfulness for those in our lives and the familiar places we gather. And there is no place more familiar to most of us than home.

We Americans can trace the Thanksgiving celebration back to the first settlements in Plymouth and Jonestown in the early 1600’s. The new world settlers held a harvest feast after a successful growing season giving thanks for their new home and bountiful harvest that would sustain them throughout the severe winter.

The majority of us here in America no longer have to labor on the land as they did back then or wonder if the weather will produce life-saving crops. Our toil is much different today, but our goals are the same. We seek shelter from the elements, sustenance for our bodies as in food and water, safety, and security from the wild, and, of course, freedom. In many cases, our residence provides the shelter and safety.

The dream of many in America is to own a home. Their pursuit, while not as dramatic as the first settlers, is none the less just as important to them. These “New Settlers” work to obtain the funds necessary to acquire and sustain their dream. There are yet others who own a home and plan to sell it to pursue other endeavors or due to circumstance. In either case, they are headed to new surroundings thus leaving familiarity and memories created.

It is especially at this time of year when I reflect on all people I have assisted in selling or buying a house. I am proud to have been a part of your journey. I understand and respect the anticipation, emotion, and fear that goes into every real estate dealing. I will continue to be a student of my craft, so I am a competent resource for all your real estate needs.

So to all that have put their trust in me over the past twenty-five years by choosing to make me your guide into the “New World” I am forever thankful. I will be thinking of you this holiday season and wishing you abundant peace, joy, and love.

To all my future clients; I look forward to offering you the same high level of service and respect that has been a hallmark of my real estate career. It is a journey we experience together, and no two rides are ever the same.

Remember, a Realtor® can find you a house, but only you can make it a home! Choose your Realtor® wisely, home is that important! After all, it will be where your heart is:)

Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue