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A Better Perspective on How Your Berks County Home Should be Photographed |

Does Your Home Need a Different Perspective

This home is located on a lot that sloped from front up to the rear. While it affords the owner a great view of the surrounding countryside it is next to impossible to photograph conventionally. No problem getting the correct perspective with the truck.
Baddest Real Estate Machine on Wheels

Not only do I take great photos of homes with this beast but storing real estate signs, lock boxes and other miscellaneous things that come in handy when listing a home is a breeze. I even have an 8″ battery powered chainsaw for those times when the trees are just too thick to get a good shot:) This saves an abundance of space in my garage (still cannot park my car in there).

Last but not least…It is a great advertising tool. Not every kid’s dad has a truck with his face all over it. I do have a fund set aside for any future counseling they may need for embarrassment disorders.

The truck is an example of my passion to serve my customers in the best manner I am capable of. In a challenging real estate market it is important to give my customers every advantage possible. The first thing people see when searching for a home is the exterior photo. First impressions on the internet are very important. Your home sale could simply be a matter of perspective.

Next time you see me in the truck cruising the roads of Berks County beep your horn. I just had an air horn installed and need a good reason to give it a tug.

Just a note…I do not do side jobs like cleaning out gutters, trimming trees, etc… Unless you are my customer. Cheers!
Enjoy the Photographic Demonstration Video Below… Home Photography Demonstration from Jeffrey Hogue on Vimeo.

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