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There have been countless articles written on how best to prepare your home for sale. Giving home sellers advice on how to get top dollar is such a hot button issue you are likely to see countless more. Consider these tips when trying to present the Perfect Home to prospective buyers.

It is that time of year when most Berks Countians are eager to see winter pass into spring. It is also a time when many who are considering a change of residence start to plan their moving strategy.

One of the top questions asked by many would-be home sellers is, “what is my property worth”, followed closely by, “what should I do to make the home more attractive to prospective home buyers.”

Here are some things to consider…

Cleanliness in next to Godliness (or top value) ~ Certain homes do not stay on the market long. What these quick moving homes have in common is that they are spotless. In the quest for the perfect home, cleanliness may be the most important aspect in the mind of many home buyers.

If it is Broken or Worn, Fix it ~ There is a stiff value penalty paid when components of a home have reached the end of their useful life. Many home buyers are looking to move right in without having to make the effort and spend money on things they expect from their NEW home. Increasingly buyers are using up the lion’s share of their dollars on their deposit and closing costs. The buyer then is left with little money to make needed changes to the property.

Décor and Staging Matter ~ If we weren’t a visual society before the internet, we sure are now. I could write a whole article on this alone (and likely will). In years past a home with “Good Bones” often outsold a well-decorated home of less quality. Today this is often the case as the first showing occurs long before the perspective buyer ever makes it through the door. Home photos permeate the internet and can make or break that first impression. Great décor and staging give a great assist to the real estate photographer.

To Improve or Not to Improve, that is the Question ~ My basic rule here is the two for one test. If you spend $5,000 on granite kitchen counter tops can you get $10,000 back? Improvements often help when selling a home, but local market conditions can suppress their value. Here is where you may want to enlist the services of a real estate professional.

Sell what you have ~ A vintage mid-century home with wallpaper, murals and a host of accents from the period could be just the thing for that right buyer. You could spend a fortune trying to update such a gem, and the effort may be in vain.

Declutter ~ Enough said!

The climate here in Berks County can induce algae to grow on the roof and siding. Consider giving the house and deck good power wash and look into s shingle roof cleaning.

Remember, if you need to hire professional contractors to refresh landscaping, paint or perform other tasks, make that call sooner than later. Contractors get very busy as spring approaches.

Lastly, when marketing the perfect home, you will need the perfect Realtor®. Yes, I really needed to go there!

Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue