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At one time or another we all have experiences we regret. Some of these experiences are small and insignificant. Others may have a greater impact on your life or the lives of those you care about. A decision to sell your home is well worth 60 minutes with me.

There are several decisions I have made during my time here on earth, (half of them as a real estate agent), that I would rethink if given the opportunity. I guess there would be no such thing as regret if that were possible.

One thing I do not regret is becoming a REALTOR®, opening a real estate office in Wyomissing, pa and serving the people of Berks County. I take the practice of real estate very seriously. Every year there are changes within the industry. In comparison, it reminds me of how the crazy federal tax laws change. It is a job keeping up with the latest contract changes, county and municipal ordinances, home financing programs and the latest craze in home inspection hot issues.

The practice of real estate does not end there. I keep up with the latest trends in technology at a level second to none in my local market. I have developed my own real estate websites for over 18 years in order to keep them fresh and stocked with the latest widgets and plug-ins. There are some very special new technologies on the horizon that have been brought on by the insurgence of mobile devices. Stay tuned for this one. My website is going to take on a new look very soon. It will allow Berks County home shoppers to search for properties like never before.

Next, there is my deep passion for architectural home photography. If you have read my articles in the past you understand how important great home photos are when trying to buy or sell a home. I continue to be touted as one of the best home photographers in the United States. I am simply appalled at the level of home photography that real estate agents produce for their home selling customers.

Lastly, there is the issue of marketing. Advertising is a discipline all to its own. Today over 92% of people who purchase homes do so by shopping for that property on the internet. In order to reach the most home buyers, you have a large digital footprint on the web. It is important that your home is depicted in a positive manner. The web has become the “First Impression”. This includes great home photos, accurate home information and a healthy knowledge of the world of social media. I can reach over 20,000 people within 48 hours with any home I market for fewer dollars than a small classified ad in the Reading Eagle.

Most publication and news media advertising is done for two simple reasons. One is to show your home seller that you are advertising their property in all the major real estate publications. The other is to brand the agent or real estate brokerage. When other home sellers pick up the Homes & Land Magazine, (my publication of choice), and see that a real estate agent or company have many home listings they feel comfortable using them. Why would you use an agent or agency that puts the majority of their marketing dollar into print advertising? The web is where the buyer lives.

So why all the information on what I think? The article is about 60 minutes you will not regret. Simple.

If you have ever listed your Berks County home for sale with an agent that required you sign a 6-month listing agreement, sold you a home selling plan and did not deliver, you just experienced one of those feelings we discussed at the beginning of this article, regret. This stands true for Berks County home buyers as well. Unfortunately, as a home buyer, you do not know you made a regrettable decision after you are well into the home purchase.

Real estate dealings are not a small issue. They require real estate agents who are more educated in many different disciplines like never before. The home market is challenging. The last challenge you want is to hire an agent who will leave you with regret.

If you are giving serious thought to buying or selling a Berks County home give me just 60 minutes of your time. Interview one, two or ten agents. Just be sure to make me one of them. I guarantee I can tell you things about the real estate market in Berks County, home marketing management, innovations in technology that will expose your home to more buyers, things you should know about the listing and sales contracts before they happen and much more. Things you are likely to hear nowhere else!

I have lived the real estate business since 1993 and served customers at the highest level. If I cannot share anything with you during our 60 minute meeting that you think could be a game changer for your home sale or purchase I will offer you a $20 Starbucks® gift card for your time.

Please note, this offer is for serious customers only. This obviously means conditions apply. They are not egregious. You simply have to list your home with another agency within 60 days after our meeting. If you are a home buyer, your condition is to be under contract to purchase a home within the same number of days. It is that simple.

If you do decide to list your home with me l will still honor the gift card. Better yet, l offer a month to month listing contract. No 6-month commitment.

I understand that a $20 gift card is not a big deal. My hope is that more Berks County customers reach out to me for real estate advice. REALTORS® are no longer the gatekeepers of all the home information. The internet has let that genie fly long ago. REALTORS® are competent advisors to their customers. I believe my company, Weichert Realtors Neighborhood One and I can fill that role as well as, or better than anyone in the Berks County real estate industry.

Ask my over 2,000 home buyers and sellers…You will not regret it!

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Knowledge is Power!

Jeffrey C. Hogue