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Berks County Property Tax Calculator -

Berks County Property Tax Calculator

Property Tax Calculator Down For Temporary Maintenance and Updates

Use the Berks County Property Tax Calculator. County, Township, Borough and School Millage.

  • Enter the Assessed Value of Your Property

  • Berks County, PA

  • Real Estate Tax Bills

To find the tax assessment for a Berks County property click here Berks County Assessment Parcel Search. Once there you will be able to search the property by owner name, address, map pin or property ID. For more information visit the Berks County Assessment Office web page.

If you believe that your Berks County Property tax Assessment is higher than it should be you have the right to appeal it. Visit the Berks County Assessment Appeals Notice website for more information on this subject.

I helped Berks County property owners with their tax assessment appeals for over 10 years. In my humble opinion, the Berks County Tax Assessment Bureau no longer looks kindly on real estate agents assisting sellers with their appeals. For this reason, I no longer offer my services in this capacity. I believe sellers have a better chance of successfully appealing their property taxes by hiring an attorney or doing the appeal themselves with the assistance of a certified appraiser.

Remember… Lower Property Taxes Means Higher Property Value!

Knowledge is Power!

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