Are You Playing Realtor Roulette?

Are You Playing Realtor Roulette?

Buying a home is often the most significant investment a person makes in their lifetime. People who understand the magnitude of this investment are unwilling to gamble when buying or selling their homes. A Realtor® can be a great asset in this endeavor, yet many are willing to play a game of chance when choosing one.

The Hook is the House

Many home shoppers start their search online. Websites such as,, and many others provide tools and information to assist consumers with the process. Of course, these home search websites offer all this functionality out of the kindness of their hearts. Well – If you believe it is a charitable offering, I have some swamp land coming for sale on February 30th.

Pay to Play

The mega-real estate websites hope you find a home of interest on their site and request more information or a showing. If someone inquires about a house, an agent will contact the customer shortly after making the request. In almost every case, the agent will NOT be the agent who listed the property.

Here is where the “Realtor® Roulette” starts – The choice of what agent contacts the would-be home buyer has nothing to do with their experience, knowledge of the area, or any other quality that a consumer may consider when choosing a professional. It has more to do with how much the agent pays the website company.

The real estate website makes its money by offering agents the opportunity to be one of those contacting you. You are just a lead to the real estate website company. It does not matter to the website company if you are successful. What matters is that the agents keep paying them.

Do Your Homework

Consider the following: The home-buying market has never been tighter. The inventory of available homes is thin. Find the right real estate agent first, and you will have the best opportunity to own the house you want.

Home sellers are often more seasoned when selecting a representative. When selling their home, they interview agents and choose the one that will best help them meet their goals. Buyers should take a cue from this practice.

Either way, do your homework and don’t leave your home ownership dreams to chance. It is just too important!

Knowledge is Power! Jeffrey C. Hogue

About the Author

Jeffrey Hogue is one of the top-performing real estate agents in Pennsylvania. Jeffrey and his agents focus primarily on Berks, Chester, and Montgomery County, PA.

Since 1993, Jeffrey's business has excelled by relying on a unique set of real estate skills, including negotiation, technology, marketing, and photography, that set him apart from other real estate agents.

In the early '90s, before starting his real estate career, Jeffrey worked with the Penske Racing Team. In 1992, Rick Mears and Team Penske won the  Indianapolis 500, marking the climax of Jeffrey's experience in the sport. 

"Being a part of Penske Racing taught me what team meant. The team values I learned are practiced daily in my real estate business. After all, real estate is a team sport, and that team includes the customer." 

Helping people is what motivates Jeffrey Hogue. "I love the thrill of helping people achieve their real estate goals. My clients are my partners, and our relationship leads to a better life for their family and mine."

To learn more about Jeffrey Hogue, visit his website at, call (484) 325-0111, or e-mail [email protected].

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