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There cannot be enough articles written about preparedness in any field of endeavor. This is especially true when selling or purchasing a home in Berks County.

“RWA” stands for Ready, Willing and Able. As a Buyer “RWA” is being ready to make a decision, willing to complete the purchase and financially qualified to do so.

So how does a Berks County home buyer and seller become “RWA”? Ready means having a plan that includes things like location, type of home that fits your needs, understanding the available homes in the Berks County market and having a good idea of their value. Many of these things can be easily achieved using a local Real Estate Professional.

Willing means you have done your research and are willing to purchase the home that suits your given criteria. This is normally when the butterflies flutter and feet get cold. Recognize it for what it is and you will be truly willing and able to get what you want.

I often relate the willing part in home buying as like the day someone gets married. All the planning takes place and you are certainly able. But are you ever ready? When I ask most tell me they were very nervous on that day but went through with it. In most cases you make the right decision and you live happily ever after. Try not to let nerves steal your day!

Able is more to the point. It is a matter of numbers. It is at this time you should be visiting your local mortgage lending institution and getting pre-approved. This is of course, if you will be financing your Berks County home just like 80% of the home buying population. BE PREQUALIFIED! Sorry for yelling but there is such importance here. It shapes many things you want to do in planning. Even though it is the third letter in the acronym it is likely the most important.

Now it is time to consider the berks County home seller and “RWA”. Most times the acronym is used for buyers. In today’s home market the seller has to have the same attributes.

First is being ready. This often constitutes the condition of the home. Does it need fixing, cosmetics, etc…? How about a pre-listing home inspection?

home buyer and seller 2Second comes the willing part. This is more complicated than meets the eye. Many times I meet a home seller and one party wants to sell and the other is not sure. They put the home on the market and price it a bit too high. This is to appease both parties. The seller that wants to sell needs the home on the market to have a chance. The one who has doubts prices it higher so not to lose it right away or as they say “Give it away”.

To be willing is to be single of mind and purpose. A house divided….You know the saying. If you are a willing seller it will help you be realistic about your Berks County home price and it will appeal to more “RWA” buyers.

The Able part has normally been all about the buyer’s ability to purchase. This has changed in Berks County over the past several years. Now we see more home sellers they have to qualify to sell their home. Maybe they have a larger mortgage and/or other judgments that will not allow the home to sell without the seller bringing dollars to the settlement table. The seller may also need proceeds to be the “RWA” on the next home they are buying.

In either case, it is always good to have a real estate professional on your side. Many times I will visit someone to discuss their hopeful moving plan. It is a free service which I am glad to provide. There is little in the real estate industry better than helping someone become “RWA” and achieve their desires as they relate to real estate.

The more home the home buyer and seller are prepared the better off they will be!

Jeffrey C. Hogue

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There cannot be enough articles about preparedness in any field of endeavor. This is especially true when selling or purchasing a Berks County home. “RWA” stands for Ready, Willing and Able.

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